Why would you use Freemove Recoverub and Freemove Arnicarub?

Freemove Recoverub and Freemove Arnicarub contain naturally bio-active chemicals that have been used for centuries to promote physical and mental well-being naturally. The pain-relieving compounds presented in the essential oils can be applied topically to soothe sore muscles by rubbing it on yourself, or whilst having a massage or during other types of professional treatments such as physiotherapy. Some oils can cause a soothing warming or cooling sensation, while others might help with blood circulation and reduce inflammation.

If you’re looking for direct, targeted relief for pain, discomfort, swelling and inflammation, Freemove’s Recoverub and Arnicarub topical creams are a good treatment option. Topical applications like Recoverub and Arnicarub allow you to bypass the digestive system and bloodstream targeting areas in discomfort and pain.  

Muscle and joint pain, discomfort and inflammatory conditions can be experienced in the muscles after strenuous exercising, a tiring and demanding day at work, or suffering from daily chronic muscle and joint pain. Pain can range from mild symptoms in a localized area, or the pain can be chronically debilitating and affect your daily activities thus impacting your quality of life.

 Another cause of painful muscles is muscle spasms that cause muscle cramping. Cramping and spasms can occur suddenly and last from a few seconds to several minutes. Poor blood circulation, mineral deficiency, or not drinking enough fluids can be a possible cause for muscle cramping and spasms.

 Freemove Muscle and Joint Treatment Creams can be used for all kinds of muscle pain, both acute muscle pain and chronic muscle pain. Freemove Recoverub and Arnicarub can assist in a number of ways to relieve pain and discomfort by applying it on and massaging the affected area to relieve muscle tension and increase blood circulation.

 You should always perform a patch test on the skin before using any new topical product.