Our Story

Freemove and it’s specialized range of muscle recovery products was developed by Robert Gibson, a professional sports and muscle recovery therapist with over two decades of experience working with some of the best sports teams, sportspeople, corporate leaders, actors and musicians in the world.

His career began in the field of wellness and sports conditioning, before moving on to sports physical and neuro-muscular therapy followed by muscular recovery and rehab. In 1996 he was closely involved with Olympic Swimmers preparation for the Olympic Games in Atlanta, after which he took positions over the next several years with different sporting codes, specialising in muscle recovery methods and peak performance.

After many years of treating and working on all types of athletes combined with spending extensive hours daily in the physio room, during tournaments and tours, the necessity arose to provide top athletes, teams and professionals pre and post recovery methods, products and therapeutic services that were intentionally designed and developed based on their feedback and recovery needs for better performance.

Robert Gibson FreeMove founder

Based on this exposure and the challenge to get athletes recovered in time for their next performance gave rise to incorporating the latest sport scientific research and methods to faster recovery.

Robert, is the founding member of FreeMove and together with his team of specialists has been very closely linked to professional athletes involved in all types of sporting disciplines.